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SIP Trunking

To stay competitive, you strive to cut costs and increase efficiency in every aspect of your business. Let’s start with your monthly phone bill. SIP trunking from Ironton Global is the simple, cost effective solution to start saving money today.

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sip trunking

Want More Services, Higher Quality And A Lower Price?

We know you want more for your money. SIP trunking from Ironton Global delivers just that with crystal clear voice quality at a much lower cost. Only Ironton Global provides a triple redundant network architecture that gives you: guaranteed call delivery, clear call quality, two inbound call paths per trunk and free disaster recovery on every trunk.

sip trunkingExceeding Your Needs With Flexible Calling Plans

In today's business environment change is a constant. That is why Ironton Global allows you to "right size" your service plan to meet your company's exact requirements. It doesn't matter if you are large or small; we have a plan that will work for you. If your company needs unlimited calling to all 50 states, the Standard Plan may be your best option. And you'll get extremely low cost rates for those occasional international phone calls. We also offer unlimited calling to North America or unlimited international calling plans to over 50 global destinations.

Advanced Solutions, Customer Service Excellence

Financially stable and profitable, you can rest assured that with Ironton as your communications partner, you will receive the highest call quality at the most affordable price. After all, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironton Telephone Company, we have over 107 years of experience in delivering quality voice communication.

SIP Trunking - Advanced Telecommunications Technology

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunking is a term that is still new to many businesses, but it is advanced communication technology that is easily deployable within every business phone system today. SIP Trunking combines data and voice into a single line, which allows business customers to experience amazing cost efficiencies and a world of Unified Communications (UC) flexibility. Through it, Ironton Global delivers voice, video and streaming media applications directly to your desktop.


  • Cost efficiencies through the elimination of expensive analog line services
  • No surcharges, feature option charges or limitations of service
  • Flexible unlimited calling plans in the US, North America and globally 
  • 100% scalable in either direction without penalty – A true business partner is there in good times and bad!
  • FREE built-in disaster recovery to ensure your business NEVER misses a call
  • Compatible with EVERY PBX or phone key system on the market
  • Triple redundancy architecture for premium call quality
  • Two inbound call paths per one outbound call path for optimum system efficiency

Ironton Global can help your business simplify and consolidate your existing voice architecture with SIP Trunking services. Best of all, implementation is quick and up front capital expenditures are limited. When your business grows, SIP trunking allows you to easily scale up your call capacity to suit your needs. In addition, if your business is experiencing a slight downturn, you may scale your services down without penalty until your business recovers and can resume your normal service. In many industries, call volume varies greatly throughout the calendar year, potentially requiring the installation of additional telephone lines that see actual use for a month or less annually, but must be paid for the entire year. With SIP trunking, you are easily able to add capacity to your system by assigning bandwidth for those peak use periods.

SIP Trunking Fundamentals

SIP Trunking utilizes the data-carrying capability of your Internet connection to establish a broadband connection between your company and Ironton Global. Voice and, if desired, video and other data is broken down into packets that are transmitted to Ironton Global's equipment. Those data packets are then seamlessly routed to the other party at the other end of a telephone call, where they simply hear your normal voice. All of this happens in the blink of an eye, and for the people involved in a conversation there is no more effort required than there is for a traditional telephone call using a legacy landline.

A Century of Telecommunications Experience

Ironton Global has decades of experience in telecommunications, and this experience pays off for the customer and their end-user experience. Triple redundancy architecture ensures that you will experience an unparalleled level of service reliability and consistently high quality voice communication and Unified Communications solutions. In today's challenging business environment, there is another advantage beyond extreme reliability and high quality telephony experience; cost savings for your business compared to the previous generation of telecommunication systems.

Request a Quote today and see how quickly your business can immediately start saving and become more streamlined with Ironton Global’s advanced SIP Trunking technologies.

pdfEnterprise SIP Trunking  560 KB
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